hi, i'm

i'm a design student from germany focusing mainly on digital and interactive design.
i also enjoy taking pictures now and then.

kid by heart.

altough i'm 1.92m tall, i'm sometimes still a boy on the inside.
i get distracted by things i fancy like super quick and totaly dive into it head first.
ask my friends, it's very annoying from time to time. but also a very precious characteristic,
because i always keep discovering new things.

i am totaly fascinated by human-computer interactions.
from classic mouse and keyboard input to more modern things like gesture recognition.
computers enable normal actions such as speaking to be completely reinterpreted.
this in combination with a somewhat playful spirit can end  very exciting and entertaining.


i just feel very comfortable in the digital environment. although i draw inspiration etc. from nature and real life i really enjoy messing with pixels and software. I like to explore new tolls and ways to get different results.

i mainly work in adobe photoshop, illustrator, indesign, lightroom and xd. aside from the adobe cc i work with webflow, visual studio code, cinema4d and a variety of online and local tools.

got your attention?

then have a look here!